Andrew Klavan's Another Kingdom cover art

Echoes of Lewis

Great entertainment while doing boring chores around the house! Five stars from this 30-something housewife. :) This story definitely gave me a bit of a C.S. Lewis feel: mostly from That Hideous Strength, both in its basic scope of undead power hungry maniac wanting world domination, and in what it has to say about men and women and their relationships. (Also, Schuyler could be Hardcastle's tamer cousin.) But I do have some questions about the "sex scenes" (hopefully you read the comments!). I may be reading too much into it, but the Nymph scene struck me as a "baptism." I am also trying to reconcile the Austin/Beth scene---particularly since she is married. Would love to hear your thoughts on these aspects of the story. Looking forward to the season finale, and to season two! (Please don't make us wait too long!)
C Beyer
United States
Jan 17, 2018
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