Andrew Klavan's Another Kingdom cover art

Compelling, suspenseful wildly campy fantasy serial ear candy

I love Andrew Klavan's show from The Daily Wire, and of course had to give this a listen too. I balled up all of the first ten episodes to listen to in order because I knew I wouldn't be able to write a decent reveiw until I had at least several carefully listened to. The story is something straight out of "well hell, let's add this medieval kitsch too and refine it so it doesn't seem so crazy", and it works! I'm greatly enjoying the story and happy that the imagery comes through well with the sound scape and Michael Knowles' performance. This is more than just an audio book reading, as each character gains a persona and a unique voice. If you like fantasy, sword fights, time slips and interdimensional travel, with evil people, good fairies, monsters, magical beasts, all set in the background of the everyday misery of life in Hollywood, you'll find this quite enjoyable. I am looking forward to season two.
Dec 17, 2017
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