Andrew Klavan's Another Kingdom cover art

Arrrgggghhhh. Grrrrrrrr. NO…

Another Kingdom is amazing. Fantastic, powerful, engrossing and insightful. I loved the first season more than I thought possible, but am already obsessed by the second season.
Sadly, the author is a monster. I suspected as much due to his harsh treatment of the excellent, I mean execrable, Mr Knowles. However, Sir Drew’s mental state is even worse than I feared. Only a true sadist could leave us waiting a week between episodes. I thought the Klavan-less weekend was bad, but this is intolerable.
I could continue to wax hysterical, but my husband wants to know why I’m curled in a corner sobbing and clutching my tablet. More… please… my precious Another Kingdom… precious…
Spineless Reviews
New Zealand
Oct 10, 2018
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