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It’s about more than the food….

Becky is a very gifted photographer, who through her podcasts connects the recipes with many cherished memories and stories of the people and relationships behind them. When you listen to any of her podcasts you will immediately recognize her personal interest in her guests, their story, and the cherished memories they share. She is funny, sensitive, humble, and asks questions that draw you into the story, leaving you intrigued, challenged, and motivated. And she always accompanies all of her podcasts with amazing photography that brings those stories into even more life. You can always look them up in her The Storied Recipe website. I know — because I not only enjoy listing to her podcasts, but I was also one of her guests, and Becky has captured my cherished memories that would otherwise die with me, but now will live a little longer :). Thank you Becky!
United States
Oct 29, 2019
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