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November 20, 2022 Honoring the Women of Palestine This powerful episode is not only extremely informative, but impactful. I learned a great deal about a topic I was unfamiliar with, and at the same time, I learned about a granddaughter’s love of her grandmother, and the traditions she lovingly keeps alive. Thinking about the humble kitchen pantry and the importance of being able to grow a garden to sustain your family, has taken on a whole new meaning. I can’t wait to make Mai’s red lentil porridge. (I bought my first red lentils yesterday!) — @karenskindredspirit ——————————— November 20, 2022 The Gratitude Episode This heartwarming episode was exactly what I needed to hear this year. Listening to folks speak about the myriad blessings in their lives — from taking long walks through the woods, to hearing children’s laughter, to spending quiet moments with loved ones — truly touched my heart. Thank you for this Becky. And Happy Thanksgiving! —@karenskindredspirit August 15, 2022: I adored listening to Becky’s interview with Dyutima @dyutima_myfoodlens. I felt as though I were having lunch somewhere, and I was privy to listening in on two besties sharing stories. Dyutima’s poignant childhood food memories, and how her mother’s love of cooking ultimately inspired her her own love of cooking was touching. But what was most fascinating, was the windy path her life took before she arrived where she is today — literally and physically. I personally appreciated hearing Dyutima reiterate that it is okay to try new things, to begin new careers at any point in our lives, and to acknowledge and work through sadness that may accompany change. Such a wonderful episode! —- @karenskindredspirit ————— Listening to The Storied Recipe is like sitting down with a close friend and sharing a hot cup of tea. It’s filled with laughter, memories, and conversations about food. Becky invites listeners to learn about the lives, passions, and special dishes that mean the most to her guests. And when you visit her Instagram account, you can see how she artistically brings her guests’ most cherished food memories to life. It is the podcast I listen to when I am driving, walking, or sitting down to relax. It is my guilty pleasure. — KarensKindredSpirit —————————— December 7, 2021 Kelly Bronze Turkeys Interview: I could have listened to Paul Kelly talk about how he and his family raise their Kelly Bronze turkeys for hours. Becky’s interview was that enjoyable! It was fascinating to learn why competitors’ birds need to be brined and cooked for long periods of time, versus how quickly their juicy, plump birds cook. It also really touched my heart how Paul’s family rallied together when times were tough, and how keeping the family business afloat during the 1980s was of the utmost importance. I am so happy for them, and their turkeys, that they did. —- @karenskindredspirit ————————
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Nov 20, 2022
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